Sunday, December 11, 2011

HOW TO: Basketball Wives Earrings

Hi Dolls,

       So this is my very first blog entry. Now that I have an amazing new camera it has motivated to start blogging. Since I have started my Youtube channel tons of you have always asked if I could start a blog, well here I go! :) I hope to updated it daily but we all know how life interferes, so hopefully I can at least update it weekly! So onto the good stuff. Lots & lots & lots of you are like me & were loving the earrings featured on VH1's Basketball Wives. Long story short all the basketball wive inspired earrings I would online were wayyyyy to much money to spend on earrings I'd only wear once in a while. So I googled "basketball wives earring supplies" & lots of sites came up & I found a local store in my area that carried the rhinestone risen beads I needed, I also got my spikes from there. Don't think you can only get the beads where I got mine. has THOUSANDS of choices for you, just type in "basketball wives earrings" & make sure all items is selected and VOILA, you have your pick of colors or pre-made ones that are more affordable! Since I have been wearing them in my videos, lots of you have asked for a tutorial but it really is so easy that I thought the video would be kinda pointless but I didn't want you guys to think that I just didn't wanna show you, so I decided to just make blog tutorial to show you how easy it really is. Remember you can use whatever color combinations you want & of course you can use any beads! Also the number of beads is all up to you to. This is just what I like! :) Ok let's get started

Supplies List:

-Hoop earrings (skinny ones)

-Rhinestone beads ( multiple sizes [optional] )

-Spikes (optional)

1. Decided what you want you earrings to look like before hand. Ex: Color? Spikes? Different size beads? Number of beads?
2.Lay out your supplies just to make it easier

3. Now just string the 1st bead (or spike) onto the hoop.

4. Followed by either a spike or another bead, this is all up to you. Told you it was easy! ;p

5. Repeat until your earring is how you want. I find that it best you don't exceed 9 items on the hoop. If you do the beads or spikes get stuck in your hair.

-Here's another pair with no spikes but with two different size & color beads.

What did I tell you?!?! Easy Peasy! I hope you guys enjoyed this & hopefully I can blog as much as I want to!